#Zeroin3 Campaign

The purpose of 'The #Zeroin3 Campaign', is to bring national, regional and global awareness and highlight the universal epidemic of violence against women and girls. This campaign will encourage individuals to take action, by sharing the video, going to our website and leaving a compelling message in the form of a Text, Photo, Audio, or Video for the global community, leave a message of solidarity for women and girls around the world, or write an open message to someone in authority urging them to become a force for change to protect women and girls and to use your voice for change. 

By joining this campaign, you will be standing against every form of #violence and abuse against #women and #girls and you will be making a national, regional and global call to nations to protect our women and girls for their lives matter.

#Zeroin3 will lead to sustainable development and usher in a bright future for nations.