“When trust is lost, traumatized people feel that they belong more to the dead than to the living.” 
― Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

We offer client centred and client oriented services with a multi-disciplinary team and multi-sectoral approaches. 


The protection, personal and emotional safety, confidentiality and security of our clients is paramount as we work to prevent, combat, and reduce gender-based violence in all its forms.


We work with individuals, families, groups, communities, fellow civil society members, Public and Private agencies.


As of July of 2016, some of our services are now fee-based, we have maintained some free services as we seek to enhance the lives of many.



Services Include:


  • National and Regional Consulting;


  • Victim-centered Advocacy;

  • Conflict Resolution and Therapeutic Mediation;

  • Counselling (individual and family);

  • Safe Space group meeting;

  • Trauma Therapy;

  • Clinical Services;

  • Crisis Intervention;

  • Legal Advice/Criminal Justice Assistance;

  • Information/Referral;

  • Support;

  • Safety Planning;

  • Notification;

  • Research;

  • Victim Assistance Training;

  • Employment Assisted Programs for persons affected by Gender-based violence.






  • Working with law enforcement;

  • Community outreach;

  • Workshops, group facilitation and presentations;

  • Social and Emotional Learning;

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation;

  • Keeping Safe Online;

  • Victim Impact Training;

  • Victim Advocacy/Assistance Training;

  • Sexual Assault Advocates Training;

  • The Bystander Approach;

  • Work place training;

  • Public and Private organisation training in:

    • Leadership

    • Strategic Planning

    • Maximising Human Potential

    • Human Resource Development

    • Cultural Competencies

    • Diversity



Programs and Projects:

  • The CEILINGS PROJECT a 5-year project;


  • BAVINO - Batterers Intervention Program;

  • ‘The AUTEAEE Project’ (women and girls advancement using Science, Technology, Maths, and economic empowerment);

  • Community School Enhancement Project (CSEP);

  • Pause for A Cause (Our Poverty Alleviation Project);

  • With Youth in Mind -  (A Youth Development and Mentoring Project);

  • The Innocence Project Initiative;

  • The Change Program: Combatting Male Aggression;

  • The Second Chance Project (A Grenada Youth Project);


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