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The CEILINGS Project

(Community Empowerment for Individual Safety and Sustainable Livelihoods.)


The Organization for Abuse and Battered Individuals would like to initiate ‘The CEILINGS Project’ (Community Empowerment for Individual Safety and Sustainable Livelihoods.) is a five (5) year community-based empowerment project.  Which involves women and girls capacity building, information and data gathering, implementation of a series of action programmes and focuses on the following thematic areas:


Family health and safety;

Women and girls Health and wellness;

Women’s economic empowerment and advancement;

Peace Building;

Crime Reduction;

Engaging men and boys;

Community Development.


The project will have specific programmes designed for the thematic areas listed and will be tailored to the four communities where the project will be implemented.  One action programme within this project is the establishment of a domestic violence, family and safe space drop-in centre for victims of violence, families and individuals to receive support, counselling, therapy, access legal advice, and professional support, referrals and assistance for safe and effective life transitioning.  The project efforts are predominantly connected with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s):


Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages;

Goal 4: which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning;

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls;

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all;

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries;

Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable;

Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.


One of the project goals is to provide a safe, effective all-embracing and inclusive environment to ensure that women and girls acquire support, therapy, knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, livelihoods and healthy futures. The proposed project also focuses on removing the structural barriers to gender equality, parity and women empowerment, and is geared to have life changing results. While engaging men and boys in the process of change as they are critical in this process.  The development and economic progress of a nation depend on how a country protects and promotes the holistic health of women and girls and eradicating poverty, illiteracy, inequality and discrimination assists with the sustainable development agenda for 2030 and allows for the realisation of country-specific development and progress.  


(Because Abuse and Violence Is Never an Option) 





The goal of the BAVINO programme is to assist perpetrators in developing comprehensive and constructive behaviours when responding or facing situations that trigger and challenges their ability to manage in stressful circumstances.


Various exercises, such as mindfulness training, better self-control, art and culture, theatre and film, sports, health, conflict resolution, responsibility/accountability, decision making, and showing vulnerability from a position of strength, can assist men and boys to make better choices at home, school, family, work and with peers.


BAVINO, is evidence-based and includes a multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial approach. More specifically, the programme focuses on assisting offenders, with special emphasis on men and boys who have known aggression, who are perpetrators of violence and abuse, or are otherwise at risk to demonstrate aggression in difficult situations as, but not limited to, parenting, marital or common law relationships, business (working) relationships, employee to employee relationships, peer relationships, student to teacher relationships, family relationships, managers and individuals in authority.


Entry into the BAVINO programme can be done voluntarily or be mandated by the Courts. If offenders are left out of the process of intervention, the abuser often times moves into another relationship and continues his or her harmful behaviour.


The DULUTH Model is used in this programme which also looks at the area of cognitive abilities (an individual’s capabilities). The programme is customised to meet the offender's various needs from each individual’s development stage from adolescence, early adulthood and middle adulthood, while maintaining fundamental core principles.