Training Youths about Body Safety and that 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept' August 2014

Using the teachers pack these children from the Arima Girls Primary school were equiiped with the relevant tools when it comes to body safety. This training broaches the subject in a child friendly and safety manner.


Children are becoming an endangered species and it is crucial that we preserve them, nothing less is required of us. Their innocence is being stolen, many of them killed, many damaged for life. In all this many programs tend to the aftercare.


As adults we train children in various sporting and educational disciplines, in etiquete and manners, we train them for various emergency drills and for academic advancement, however, we fail to train them to protect themselves, we fail to train them to use their voices, we fail to facilitate the environment where they can become empowered and we fail to train them in body safety skills.


An empowered child is less likely to be abused as he/she will have the information and knowledge. Knowledge makes one empowered and increases confidence, it will always make the child aware of what to look for and to clearly detail and report if peradventure something happens to them.


We cannot stop every case of violence and abuse but we can work to reduce the numbers and empower a generation.